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Visofold 1000 Doors - The Bi-Folding Door

Visofold 1000 Folding Doors



Finish    Single or dual colour, marine quality polyester powder coat as standard
Thermal Performance  1.8 W/m²K   
Air     Test result pending   
Wind    Test result pending  
Water    Test result pending  
Doc L 2010   Yes
Frame Depth   70mm 
Typical sight line*  133mm
Glass      28mm double or triple gazed units
Max o/a height (per sash)  2500mm  
Max o/a width (per sash)  1000mm 
Max sash weight  80kg

The Visofold 1000 described in this manual is suitable for domestic or commercial applications and
provides various opening options within impressive dimension and weight limitations using slim-line
The frames are constructed of aluminium alloy extrusion to BS EN 755, extruded from 6063 T6 alloy.
The external aluminium alloy extrusion is pre-treated and finished either in :-
a) Anodised to BS 3987: 1987, grade AA25 to a natural self colour.
b) Polyester powder organic coating to BS 6496.
Frames are made by cutting the profiles with accurate 45° mitred ends using Tunsten Carbide Tipped Saw. Blades, operating at approximately 3000 rpm. The joints of the screen are made using mechanically fixed corner cleats unless a low threshold is used which requires stainless steel self tapping screws to be fixed through the vertical members of the outerframe. Door joints are achieved with the use of mechanically fixed corner cleats. All joints should be sealed using and adequate sealant.
Care should be exercised when using products not supplied by Smart Systems Ltd as no responsibility can be accepted.
Minimum Sash Width: 700mm
Maximum Sash Width: 1000mm
Maximum Sash Height: 2500mm (dependant on site conditions)
Maximum Sash Weight: 100kg

As with all dry glazed systems, it is recommended that the system is drained and ventilated as shown in the manual. IF IN DOUBT ASK.

The outer frame members are cut with 45° mitred ends to the overall size required.
The mitred ends are then prepared using the punch tool ACDV900 to provide the access for the fixing block and to the grub screw that secures it.
The mitred ends are then prepared using punch tool ACDV900 to provide the access for the fixing block, and to the grub screws that secures it.
All joints should be sealed using ACSIL04 and with cleat glue ACSIL013.
Holes for the low threshold are drilled to the dimensions shown in the manual. All joints should be sealed
using ACSIL04