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Visofold Bi-Folding Doors

Bi-Folding doors by Paben Windows Ltd are fabricated to the highest standards and tolerances. Now available in a choice of two styles - Visofold 4000 and Visofold 1000 - all available in a wide range of RAL colours and finishes. Our bi-folding doors comply with all relevant British and/or European standards, offering the best solution for your bi-fold door. 


pool-side BifoldVisofold 4000 Applications:



Description:Paben Windows Bi-Folding Door

The folding door system with thermal break allows you to create large passages.The system is built up using a frame in which moveable parts or elements are placed in such a way that it is possible to fold the elements to the left or right. These elements or sashes are supported and hinged to a mullion. At the bottom the mullion is supported by a roller mechanism which slides along the sill profile while at the top, the mullion is guided by another roller mechanism. There are several possible combinations of elements and opening sashes. Suitable for domestic and light / medium / heavy duty commercial applications.visofold bi-fold door


When choosing a bi-folding door a number of considerations will need to be addressed, depending on the particular application, covering a range of issues, for example;



Visofold 1000 Applications:

The Visofold 1000 model of our highly popular Visofold doors, shares all the same attributes as the 400 version, but features slimline framing, and produces very slim sight lines of just 132mm. Designed to eliminate the requirement for mullions between the panels Visofold 1000 folding sliding doors are ideally suited to domestic or commercial applications where the emphasis is placed on lightness and maximum light transmission.


To help in your evaluation and understanding of the various options available, please feel free to download literature kindly supplied by our Belgian extrusion supplier, Smart Systems.

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Visofold 4000

Visofold 1000